Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why does this web site have such a godawfull long URL?

A Other organizations had already registered "" and "". However we do have an alternate route to our site at "" and we are starting to publicize this as our primary web address.

Q Are you accepting new members and if so how do I join the club?

A Yes we are currently welcoming new members. The process for joining is outlined below.

You must be a member of the NRA, there is a place for your NRA membership number on the Brea Club membership application or you may submit an NRA membership application with your Brea Club application and pay both your Brea Club dues and your NRA dues with the check. (We get a small rebate when you pay through the Brea club.)

We would like to meet with you and discuss your shooting interests. This can be accomplished by coming to one of our meetings or one of the regularly scheduled programs at our range. Most of the Club board members show up at the, second sunday, shotgun program. If you would like to attend a meeting, send us your name and phone number by E-mail or USPS, we will get back to you with the meeting location and driving directions. Bring a filled in Membership application and a check book. The first years dues are $100 plus a $20 application fee. At the end of one years probationary membership, the second years dues will be prorated to the start of our July thru June membership year. (talk this over with the Club Secratary.) Board members names and phone numbers should be provided when you join.

After joining, you will want to meet with one of us at the range to get briefed on target and target frame storage locations and lock combinations and clearify any questions you may have about Club bylaws and range rules, you will also find out how friendly and helpfull we are.

Q Why don't you have your names and phone numbers on the web site?

A Being shooters and gun owners we tend to be a little private and don't like our personal information so readily available to the whole world.